Connecting Your Data Silos with Power BI

Data Silos with Power BIIn “tech talk” a Data Silo is a disconnected source of data. Your CRM System is a data silo. Your Accounting system is another data silo. Your marketing database is a third. Microsoft Power BI can be the “hub” that connects it all together.

For example, perhaps you use QuickBooks for financials, CRMPlus365 for sales management, and a custom Access software for your line of business. Maybe you’ve got a few spreadsheets tracking data too. These systems do not “talk” to each other.

In the past, to bring information from each of these separate silos together to do reporting would require a tedious manual process or an expensive integration project.

Now, Power BI is an easy way to get all your separate data silos to connect. You can see data from different sources and morph it all together into one dashboard. From there, you can slice, dice, analyze and view the information in more ways than you can imagine. Maybe you want to see a chart that shows the revenue one of your sales people have in the pipeline, in Production, and Billed. Or you want the same thing for your largest customer. Or you want to see revenue generated from a marketing campaign.

The best part is that Power BI licenses are only $10 a month. So once your dashboards are set up, the ongoing cost is very reasonable.

Power BI allows you to take data from all your “data silos”, systems that don’t normally talk to each other, and connect it all into one easy to use dashboard so that you can get a full picture of your business, faster.

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