The Real Cost of Incompetent Software Developers

Incompetent Software DevelopersHow do incompetent software developers get away with charging the same as competent ones? Easy. They hide from you.

With many developers, their team is large enough for Joe Schmo to kick back and let others pick up his slack. You get charged the same either way. What’s worse, you’ll be charged more if he messed things up and caused another 20 hours to be billed to you.

Despite Joe Schmo, the program still comes out great. Job well done, right? Not even close. Think about what could’ve been different without Joe. Your program likely would’ve been done quicker— maybe even done better —and your bill less costly. So how do you avoid Joe?

At P2 Automation, there is nowhere to hide. We pride ourselves on being a small team. Everyone has to be competent.

Bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes, small is just the right fit. When it comes to custom software, clarity is key. That’s where we shine through.

They say a camel is just a horse designed by a committee. When you work with larger development teams, you can give them everything to make a horse— and then they give you a camel in return.

At P2 Automation, we do what you need us to do. We discuss your goals and design the process flow to ensure it fits your needs.

At P2 Automation, even if you don’t work with us to develop your software, we can help you design your process flow. Think of it as a business-specific process design. You can then take that design to any team and say, “how would you make this happen?”

If you are looking for a competent software developer, let’s talk.

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