Just Say No to Boring CRM Spec Documents and Go Visual

The Value of Visual When Planning Your Custom CRM System

CRM Spec Documents

I think people in my business could be using spec documents as an excuse. Spec documents are long, technical, documents that clients rarely ever read because they are as boring as it gets. They are like the term papers of the IT industry. Remember term papers? I used to often wonder if my teachers graded them on content or simply on weight. I feel that way about spec documents. It serves as an “excuse” because if the client is not happy with something, the IT consultant can say, “This is what we agreed to, it is right here in the spec document.”

At P2 Automation, we have always taken a more visual approach. During the Design Phase, we produce a Process Flow Diagram. This diagram helps the client to wrap their head around the entire process. Then we actually print large-format documents that are mock-ups of the entry screens, printouts, and workflow activity for your system. Our clients get a sneak peek into what their personalized system will look like so they can make modifications and enhancements before the coding work starts. They know what to expect. We know if they are happy. If we are completely wrong, we can throw it out, redo it and print them again.

People are visual. We want to see it, touch it, write on it. When planning out your customized CRM system, you will have better success with a visual blueprint to start the project.

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