How P2 Automation Leverages The Cloud

A Case Study By P2 Automation

Cloud Success StoryHere at P2 Automation, nothing is more important to us than providing small businesses with the right software solutions to help them achieve their goals – no matter what those goals may be, what market sector they occupy, or what industry they’re in. We’re firm believers in leveraging Cloud technology to design highly customized and scalable CRM and xRM software solutions that allow our clients to make the most out of their relationship to technology.

Today, we’d like to share with you a cloud services Case Study that we had the opportunity to be part of. One of our partnering companies, ADNET Technologies, built a secure development, test, and production environment, leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure.

What We Were Looking For

Because many of our clients work from home or remotely without their own office facilities, they require simple, adaptable, and flexible solutions that don’t overwhelm their normal workflow.

With that in mind, we were seeking a single, secure location where we could develop our software solutions that our clients can use to grow their businesses without having to disrupt and alter their current IT landscape. We contacted ADNET Technologies to help us design a comprehensive environment that we could use to run our business and to collaborate with our clients in a simple, secure, and safe space that allowed them to test out our software solutions before we delivered them.

How ADNET Technologies Brought Our Vision To Life

From there, ADNET got to work designing a secure Cloud-based platform that we could access at any given time. And every step of the way, we were required to complete multi-factor authentication to ensure that our work was safe, secure, and protected at all times.

Built entirely on the flexible and scalable Microsoft Azure platform, our new solution is fully managed by ADNET. Not only do they support our platform, but they also provide 24/7 security, giving our team and our clients the ability to access this system from anywhere, at any time, and virtually on any type of device.

How We Use Our New Solution

With our new system, we’ve been able to manage all aspects of our business in a single, secure location. From managing our own customer/project management processes with P2xRM, to utilizing QuickBooks Pro for all of our accounting needs, we’re able to do it all through a single platform. We can even leverage Microsoft Office and all of our most critical files and communications through this secure platform.

From there, we’re able to dedicate more time to running our business, connecting with our clients, and delivering our services. Monitoring and optimizing our system performance is no longer a worry, because we’ve got a dedicated partner standing at the ready to take that burden off of our shoulders.

What Does This Mean For Our Clients?

It means that we’re strategically positioned to deliver better service, better solutions, and a better experience.