P2𝘹𝘙𝘔 Mobile

Enter Data Easily, Anywhere
Users can view and enter data quickly and easily on a phone or tablet.
Allow people to interact with your CRM system without paying for a full user license.
Mobile data from the field gets into your main system quickly so other users can take action faster.
Users enter the exact information you need with apps that are secure and trackable.

P2xRM Mobile

In today’s world access to information is essential. You need access to sales forecasts to make sure your team can deliver products and services on time. Your sales team needs access to pricing changes. Your field technicians need access to service tickets and knowledge base articles. But how can you provide secure access to this information without breaking the bank?

Here at P2 Automation, we’ve developed a mobile “window” into your current P2xRM system – and this one is fully customized to fit your unique small business needs. Welcome to P2xRM Mobile.

What Is P2xRM Mobile?

P2xRM Mobile is a phone app that runs on your iPhone or Android device, allowing you to do things like track specific contact data, meeting notes, time entries for specific projects, attach photos from customer locations for specific work orders, or collect field data when you or your team are on a job estimate.

The sky is the limit! If you already track specific information into your current P2xRM system, P2xRM Mobile will let you do so in real-time using a process that your team already understands.

The Benefits

With the world becoming even more focused on instant access, instant gratification, and instant information, mobile technology is becoming even more important every day. Here at P2 Automation, we know that businesses never sleep, which means that business owners and employees need constant access to the information that they rely on to deliver outstanding service.

Our P2xRM Mobile platform gives each user a comprehensive look into your P2xRM system with unlimited customizability from absolutely anywhere in the world with an internet connection. With P2 Automation, you’re always connected to your business productivity solutions.

P2xRM Mobile

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