Financial Planning System

Client Tracking / Portfolio Management

Financial Planning SystemCase

Our client, a financial planner, built his own portfolio management solution to help him be more efficient and effective in advising his clients. Leaning on his original experience as an engineer, he developed some sophisticated spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel that allowed him to accelerate all of the various processes he performed for clients.  He was able to track investments, evaluate portfolios and positions, and manage assets. The problem? His quarterly process took three days to complete. He wanted to grow his customer base, but he knew that taking on additional clients would only lengthen the process.


P2 Automation developed a Financial Planning System using our exclusive P2xRM to add automation to his existing spreadsheets. We didn’t reinvent the wheel. We simply took an existing 3-4 day process and shortened it dramatically – what was taking 3-4 days now takes 2-3 hours! The result? This financial planner is now able to take on additional clients, and his firm is adding advisors. He knows he now has the potential to grow exponentially over time.