So How Much is P2xRM Going to Cost Me?

Get a Price for a Custom P2xRM System Without Wasting Time or Money

How Much is P2xRM

We can give you a very good idea of how much a custom P2xRM system will cost without wasting your time or money. We do this by breaking each project into phases.

The Discovery Phase is always free. This includes the first meeting or two where we meet as a group and ask a lot of questions. We want to get familiar with what you are doing, what you have done and where you want to go.

At this point, if we determine together that P2xRM could be the right fit for your business and we can give you a ballpark budget for the entire project. We can tell you, the design phase is going to cost X and the whole project should cost Y.

So the conversation might go something like this, โ€œBased on what we know right now, a ballpark budget for your custom P2xRM system is $12k. It is going to be $5k for design phase and we estimate $7k for the build phase. Will that work for you?” This way, if your budget is $2k, we can recommend other possible solutions.

If the estimate is in the right ballpark we will send an invoice for a deposit for the Design Phase . But you are still not locked into a project.

After the design phase we will requote the project total based on the very detailed information we gathered along the way. At this point we can tell you exactly what your P2xRM system is going to cost, because we know exactly what we are building.

If the price has changed and it is no longer within your budget, or if your company goals have changed, we can still amicably part ways. However, that money you spent on the design phase is never โ€œwastedโ€ because the process flow diagrams we provide can be used as a blueprint for any system you decide to use.

Read more about the value of our unique Process Flow Diagram.

After the development and implementation phases, you have a complete, live system and your ongoing cost includes a monthly hosting fee for your online system. This small fee will be billed monthly to a credit card.

At P2 Automation, we always want to be sure that we are on the same page, in the same phase. You will know exactly what you will pay for and when you will pay for it. Together, we will build the right custom system for you, for the right price โ€“ without wasting time or money.

If you are interested in a custom CRM system for your small business letโ€™s start the free conversation. Use our online calendar to schedule a discovery/strategy session.

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