The One Objection to Moving From SalesForce CRM to CRMPlus365

Row Boat

I had just told a company we work with that they could save $23,000 a year in SalesForce licensing fees by moving to CRMPlus365.

But there was still an objection from one corner of the room.

The objection came from the internal IT department. He referred to CRMPlus365 as “CRM Lite.” He said that as if it were a bad thing. However, for a small business, CRM Lite is very often just what they need. It is simple, it works, and people will use it.

In an earlier post about SalesForce CRM, I used the Ferrari vs. the Honda analogy. Some people will always vote for the Ferrari. Even if it is not logical, they just love the brand.

Often we find that technical people on internal IT teams do not mind when systems are complicated. And they fear giving up control.

In this case, the CEO could see the bigger picture. He was paying way too much for something that didn’t work exactly the way they wanted it to work. They did not need all the fancy bells and whistles of the SalesForce system (or the expensive IT people to maintain it!)

We proved that they could get a completely custom CRM system and save thousands of dollars per year. “CRM Lite” was, in fact, precisely what they needed.

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