How to Save $23,000 a Year Moving From SalesForce CRM to P2xRM

moving from salesforce crmI love it when I can show a company how they can save $23,000 a year.

A small business we worked with was using a SalesForce CRM system. It was overly complicated for their needs, yet they still couldn’t completely customize it to fit the way they worked.

I told them P2xRM is a fully customizable system that could meet all their small business needs and save them $23,000 a year.

Let’s look at the numbers

The company was paying $500 a month to SalesForce, plus a fee for Pardot, a marketing add-on tool. Their cost was about $25,000 a year for a SalesForce CRM system subscription. That price does not include implementation costs; it is just the annual licensing fee.

With a P2xRM system, at $29 per user per month, they would pay about $2,000/year in licensing.

Think of that; they could go from $25,000/year to $2,000/year.

It seems like a simple decision, but they still had to think about the one-time setup fee. An average setup fee for a P2xRM system for a small business is under $10,000. For this company that wanted data migration, a custom inventory system, and connection with outside tools, the cost was closer to $15,000.

Spending $15,000 now would save them money for years. However, we have found that once a company has had the cost of SalesForce approved, they can’t go back and ask for more budget. So they just keep what they have, even if it will cost more in the long run.

In this case, we were able to work out a deal.

Instead of paying $500 a month to SalesForce, they paid that same amount to P2 Automation each month, and we financed the implementation. Once the $15,000 was paid off, their monthly payment was lowered to cover only the ongoing licensing fees. They got a brand new custom CRM system without any additional initial out of pocket cost.

And going forward, they are saving $23,000 a year!

In our next post, we will look at the steps involved in Moving from SalesForce CRM to P2xRM.

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